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It'S Pointless Really...

I see the reasons why we are all depressed, although it seems like life does'nt get better... it must.. depression has to be a phase for young and old every one had to have felt depressed before.. some of us are just too hard on our selves some are just angry or upset but mostly angry of what we have done wrong, if we want to feel better maybe we should try to fix our misstakes and get the answer we need. Some times it's not our fault some times it is... but we all need to get past it. It's over and done with every day is a new beginning a new start. I wasted my chances but I'm gona keep doing it till I get it. This probably sounds like rubbish and I don't blame you for thinkin so if so... never give up as this is what will get you to your defeat. Ps sorry for horrible spelling...
An Ep User An EP User Jan 26, 2013

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