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Is Having A Down Day, Again.

I'm feeling very down and have been for days. I don't feel like doing anything, i even get bored of watching tv, i literally don't want to do anything. I'm feeling very depressed again, im thinking its time to go back to the doctors. Little things that would have slightly annoyed me when i was in a good mood are now making me very angry, im no good at controlling my anger. im rather fed up. Rant over.
KakaRose KakaRose 18-21, F 4 Responses Jan 31, 2013

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I will have months where I am really depressed. I used to just sit in my room by myself and I wouldn't talk to other people. After a couple of days, I wouldn't feel as depressed, but it's not a good way to deal with it. Recently, I hang out with some of my friends all the time when I get depressed. They all know that I have depression and I'm pretty sure they can tell when I am in a depressed state. They always know how to make me feel better and I don't get depressed as often when I hang out with them a lot.

Depressed or Deep-Rest? Watch your thoughts (cognition). Just let them flow on by, and please do not label them as good or bad, should or shouldn'ts are not needed either. Something strange happens when sadness comes, we try to force it away, or control it. Just let it be as it is. As you watch the thoughts, hear the voice in your head it may scream out in anger. Depression leads to a deep rest as we let it be, feel it, and know that it passes. Your dark night of the soul is telling you something, stay connected, you are safe. Nothing can be threatened that is real, and you are real, more than that you "are".
Much love,
Peace is a comin

Hateeee itttt !!!!!!

I found out the hard way that sitting in front of the TV makes it worse. I started a downward spiral with depression that lasted for months.
Try to push youself to do something...find some friends....go things...outdoorsy stuff like biking, skating, just going out for a walk.
It'll boost your energy levels and youll feel better bout yourself.
You just gotta to fight that ****!. :-)

I was depressed pretty much all last year, probably due to me bottling everything up. I took your advice, ive been out for a walk and went for lunch with my friend, It made me feel a lot better, we have also booked a holiday for may. which gives me soemthign positive to look forward.

It's just the times when i dont have anything to do, when i get bored, i get very down. where ive been indoors for such a long time i get nervous about going out by myself, im near to having a panic attack every time :(

I'm glad you went out. I think I sometimes get that "SAD" (seasonal afflitcted disorder). Especiallly during the winter. But it helps going outside...even if its cold as crap! It still helps. :-)
Pls dont bottle up stuff...if ya ever needs to talk to anyone...or just wanna rant off steam you can msg me anytimes. :-)