I Don'T Even Try

i've made a habit of giving up. i know what I should do to feel better. but I won't do it. I should exercise. I used to exercise, eat right, all that ****. I stopped caring. even the endorphin buzz doesn't seem to count for much. I should get a job, but there's a better chance of legal heroin. there's a better chance of me not finishing this bottle tonight...

I should meet people. I should get a partner; I don't care what gender. but I don't care. I don't want to. Should vs. want. Want versus need versus me versus the world versus versus versus versus versus.

slothlorien slothlorien
26-30, M
2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

That's one of the most difficult things to deal with when depressed. You get into this hole which is so difficult to drag yourself out of because it requires motivation that you don't have.

Well, I've been there and I know what it is like, and while I can't promise I can do anything to help, if you want to talk about it, please feel free to message me. You know you can't continue this way.

I know the feeling. Sorry.