Adversities Of Life- Extent Is Different For Everyone..

why life is so easy for some and cruel to others or does it depend on how one accepts his/her destiny and works to face the tribulations of life.

this is something i have always been curious about. when people say they are depressed and mention the reasons of their conditions. when i go through such experiences i try to commensurate them all. what one has that other doesn't..or how a person is better than other.

i get out of my depression by comparing my situation with people who are below me..
sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and sometimes aggravates my condition due to my tendency of feeling pity for them..

depression have a different meaning for everyone and i agree to it so each one of us who are depressed should motivate each other giving examples of our failures and successes of life..

life is really too short to be unhappy live it no matter how you die in the end....

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1 Response Feb 13, 2013