If Only the World Was Black and White

My father used to secually abuse my brother and I. I was between the ages of 1-3yrs and my brother was 8-11 years. When my mum finally found out about the abuse she left my dad. He did everything he could toget us back. Which ended up in a 7year court battle for him to get custordy of me. (my brother has a different father) We had a court order against my father that i was never to see him again. Yet he turned up at my school. Eventually he got another family and had a little boy. I worry for this little boy every single day. He is my half brother and i have only met him once.

My step granfather then began abusing me too. My granny has a mental disability. She has cut of one of her daughters from ever seeing the rest of her family. This means that my mother and brother are all the family i have. Our entire family is so ****** up. My mum ******* about me to all of her friends and her dad and the rest of the family that she can keep contact with. And my brother is really good at lying to me and making me feel worthless. Like his childhood was my fault. My mums aunty's and uncle's all dont like talking to me because im my fathers child. So really i dont have much of a family. When i fight with my mum and need space i have no relatives that i canstay with for a while. I am trying to move out of home and can not cope with out a big family full of support.

I feel like, the worst thing that has ever happened to me in in my entire life. Is my life itself.

BiPolarBear BiPolarBear
18-21, F
Jun 3, 2007