What Are Friends Really For??

I Have Alot Of Friends At School...We Hang Around...Laugh, But We Never Cry. Its All Fake....Do They Really Like Me....If They DO Then Why DO i Feel So Alone..I Used To Tell Them Exactly How I Feel But Now I Don't Bother. They Don't Understand What I AM Going Through So How Can They Help. They Leave ME out. Are Two Faced And The Friends That I Can Trust ... Well... They Just DOn't Know me.

75% Of The People I Meet I Want To Scream At!!

They Don't Know What My Life Is Like So Why Judge Me!!!!

I Have Reached The Reality That I Will Die Alone!!!! And I Accept Life Is Short...So Why Bother With Trying TO Make People Like Me...Im Just Gonna Live My Life And If They Don't Like Me Then Its Tough!!!

I Feel Like I AM The Lonlist Person IN The WOrld When I Am With My "Friends"...They Don't Understand.

I Prefer To Live Inside My Own Head Where Anything I Want Can Happen.. I Am In Control  !!!!!

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Thanks loobiesa, I'm now currently stuck with the same problem, I don't know who are my real friends and I'm isolated from everything too... Your update really helped to cheer me up! Maybe things really will take a turn for the better... Anyways thanks a billion! :) happy to know that everything's gone well for you! ^^

I am happy to say that about a year after I posted this story I found my real friends. As I became more mature I realised that if my 'friends' don't like me for who I am then they are not my friends at all. Years down the line I have moved half way across the world to do the job I love and I am pleased to report that my friends that I made all those years ago feel like they are right here with me....I can talk to them about anything and they visit me and keep in contact....my friends are like family to me and I guess it just took a bit of time, luck and maturity for me to find them. X

thanks to everyone who replied and I hope this update can help people who are in this situation now to realise that things will/can work themselves out if you adapt a positive attitude. XxX keep going and you will get there. Its so easy these days to feel like the world is just filled with bad people but good people are out there too. X

The same thing happens to me friends do not understand and others judge it is hard to live in this world but as long as you have one person it helps try to just find that one person mine is my older brother he helps me get though life and ignore the rude idiots in the world

I agree....all it takes is that one person who can lift you up and then you are able to realise that you are better than those people and ignoring them is usually for the best. XxX

True friend closer than a brother, help onemake wise decision, encourage do rite, build u up, to weep when u weep, laugh when u laugh, even die for u. Most important a friend is true to u, wont lie, deceive, or cheap u. N in turn u are the same. If these characteristics are not shown , one need to rethink who they choose as friend. Friends let u be u.

Yes! So true. My friends these days are just like family to me and I can truly be myself :) such wise words thank you so much. X

you deserve a lot better. real friends are kind, supportive and always try to do whats best for everyone, including themselves. if you're friends make you feel bad don't let them ruin you!! face it, they're not real friends are they? you seem like a really nice person so go meet real people and not jerks

I did...I found real friends that are like family to me....thank you for your kind words :) my life is a lot brighter now.

glad to hear it xxx :-)

Well, I have pretty much decided that people really only want to be friends with other people who make them feel good about themselves. It's really pretty selfish but we all naturally want to take rather than give. It's really hard for depressed people to hold on to or make friends because frankly, we are real downers to be around. I understand it, but it doesn't make being ignored any easier. So you have to ask what is a friend if they are really only looking for what you can do for them, and what kind of a friend am I if I'm doing the same thing?

One way another we all get depress some more severe. Should not matter to a true friends we friends because we care n dont want each other feel alone, down. All we meet associated with doesn't make them a friend. A friend can tell anything knowing they will be there when hit rock bottom or feel on top of the world. These are true friends not imposters or those wanting something for own self gratification. Ur here because u matter n what say say or feel is as important as the next person. Keep praying n searching u will find n door will open

I agree...friendship is about give and take on both sides and having someone to lean on in tough times is okay but you also need to be there for them too. I think this is really important in all types of relationships in life. Thank you for commenting. X

wow im jealous urreally brave

Honestly looking back I was a coward that was actually too afraid to be alone that I kept these people around anyway. I was finally brave enough to let real friends into my life and now I am much happier. Thank you for commenting. X

i ahte pretending to give two ***** too.

i may not know ur life story or what it is like with those frens but i do kno mine and i use to b in a similar position with shtty frens that i found real hard to let go of,because i was so scared of being alone,they hurt me over n over again until i was fed up, and i slowly but surely let go of them i did feel a bit out of place at first but i felt way better knowing that i was away from t hem,now i have new best friends that actually knows what friendship is, whats the sense of having friends that amke u feel ******.

I see... it is hard being surrounded by people who you once taught were friends, I think "your suppose to help me with these problems, I need you, I'm not lonely because.... etc" I hate the feelings it leaves you with afterwards these people are suppose to support you in moments of loneliness,etc and you are all alone because your "friends" are another word for strangers/enemies and you wish you never bothered with such trivial things. Don't give them that benefit be strong, and move on I know it's hard but if this continues then get rid of them it will eat at you and destroy you these people don't deserve someone like you. Go out and discover what makes you happy and live for yourself whenever you feel sad and lonely listen to a song that makes you happy or do an activity, or go to someone that actually appreciates you and WON'T make you feel like a useless, discarded human being you were put here on this earth for a reason don't EVER let anyone make you feel like you are worthless or don't belong not even loved ones, Good luck!

Have you tried talking to them and telling them how you feel? That helps alot...when you tell your friends that you feel left out...and if they dont do anything to change it then maybe you need to find some new friends. Because friends are suppose to be there for you, love and care about you and try to help you whenever they can..and you do the same to them. You are right....people should judge you...they should try to see it through your eyes and try to help you understand things. You cant just live your life in a box called your head though...you are in control of your life no matter what. Step outside of the box and be yourself and try to make friends....Friends should like you for who you are not who they want you to be. Everyone has someone out there for them that wants to be their friend...you just have to allow yourself to be open to other people. Also keep a open mind about their opinions too. Live today like it is your last...but be frendly and open about it. <br />
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