I Am Very Depressed. ...

I am very depressed. Me and my boyfriend seem to fight all the time now. Ever since he cheated on me, things haven't  been right. I know he loves me, we just have to learn how to work things out better.
SnoBunny SnoBunny
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2007

I suggest you dump him & rind someone else

There are a few options...<br />
<br />
Try to work things out together. This only works as long as he doesn't cheat again, but as someone who has, I have to say I doubt his ability to stick to it, especially since I believe you're both young.<br />
<br />
Cheat back. This sometimes balances the scales, but for some women, it makes them feel worse than before. For others, it's liberating and empowering. That would be up to you.<br />
<br />
Break up. I would recommend this one, because if even the relationship itself is miserable, you're both better off apart, no matter how much that hurts. Better to be independent and learn to be strong, than be codependent and allow yourself to be weak and taken advantage of. Trust me, you're not likely to have happiness.<br />
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The choices are there for you...so choose, and don't look back, because the power--and therefore the responsibility--lies in your hands.