This Is Why

i just found out my ex cheated on me with my best friend weeks before we split up
blane blane
22-25, M
3 Responses Jul 8, 2007

Wow, yah I'm suffering depression, because my ex that I had really loved, dumped me, lied to me than started dating my friend (who also lied to me), a week and a half after he dumped me. Than that friend called me a bad friend because i wasnt supporting her and my ex. Im still her friend, but sometimes i just cant help but not like her. I dont like him anymore, but the two of them make me sick.

I agree with the last comment that was left. What losers! Karma is right what goes around comes around and believe me it gets them worse than what you had it!! Keep your head up, it will get better. Best Wishes

down with liars and cheaters. i'm sorry. i've been cheated on before with close friends, and it's horrible. but dont worry, it's all about karma.