it all started when i first got to high school i was 12

my sister started to get me onto drugs and i started smoking one night i snuck out of my bedroom window to hav a smoke and i went down to the shops i was raped i started doing drugs heavily and then my mother found out

my sister has just moved out she was the only one that supported me the whole way through she is now living with her junkie boyfriend who hits her she is pregnant...her boyfriend is 21 and she is 16 he wont let me see her he said if i go near her he will kill me my sister then told me i was a screw up and she wants nothing to do with me im now 6 months sober i still smoke and im 15

im going to school and stuff and being a regular kid

but i cant help feeling depressed and missing my sister

hellooo hellooo
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 6, 2007

I didn't understand any of this.