Blackness taking over the light, I try to stop it with all mu y might blackness socking up my past, how much i longer will this last? redness driping down my arm, why do i cause myself how much selfharm? Redness dropping to the floor it makes me feel so sore, the madness starts to sway, but i never run away, how much more of this can i take, untill i wont awake? I seee the scars all on my veins It makes me sad, a tear drops from my face, why do i have to fell so weak? Why do i waste time trying to scream loud enough for you to hear, when with every scream i make the quieter it gets. Why do i cry these tears hoping to be something while always knowing that ill be nothing

xxbrokendownxx xxbrokendownxx
26-30, F
Feb 11, 2009