Depressed For a Long Time

I am not sure why I am doing this. I think talking about it might help. I have had alot of things happen to me the past 5 years. It even goes beyond that. How does one move on?  I was  married at age 20.  I was very much in-love. I got pregnant because we planned it 3 years after we were married.  My husband at the time was not happy with his job, so he quit. We had just purchased our first home. We had to put our home up for sale. He ended up moving to another state for a job. Since I was pregnant, I had to stay behind, cont. to work so the insurance would pay for the delivery.  For some reason, I ended up having an emergency delivery at 30 weeks gestation. My baby could not breath on his own. He lived 17 days. The day after his funeral, I had to move with my husband. I had no friends or family there.   This was just the beginning. This happened in 1989.  there is so much more to come.


Linna123 Linna123
Feb 18, 2009