I've been dealing with symptoms of depression lately
I barely sleep, I dont eat as much, little things that shouldnt matter make me cry, I feel completely helpless sometimes, I dont think about killing myself but I do think sometimes if I died in like a car crash or something would anybody really care if I was dead??

I feel fine with my friends until I come home to my house ( i live with my aunt and cousin)
and the person Im closest too there (my 14 year old cousin) is the person causing me to feel empty, sad, worthless, helpless I dont know what to do. If i talk to her (which I've already tried) it doesnt make a difference to her she just throws everything like how I live with her and how her mom is taking care of me in my face. we can joke around sometimes but its like I have to tip toe around my aunt and my cousin so i dont do something wrong.
if my aunt asks me to do something i do it whenver she asks her daughter theres a constant argument and my cousin winds up not doing anything
I've tried to talk to my aunt but i cant really talk to her when my cousin's in the room with her 24/7
I love my cousin to death but i dont understand why she makes me feel like crap all the time like nothings ever good enough :(

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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

sometimes it can help to talk to someone outside the situation, who cares about you but who isn't emotionally invested the way your aunt and cousin are. i think that's one of the reasons it's easier to "tell the internet" than to tell your aunt. there are a lot of option for whom to talk to - it could be other close friends, a school counselor, a therapist, or anyone you feel you can really trust and open up to. good luck, hang in there.