I feel like a failure. My girlfriend and I broke up because I'm so useless and worthless, and now I can't even do the hobby I enjoy most of all (which, coincidentally, people tend to not care about at all). What's the point?
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I love your hobby I think it's cool :-)

Thanks :) I think the same about you


You're super beautiful too

Im blushing lol but in occasions I only send you my good photos haha

Speaking if beauty I need a pampering day set aside for me

Typos oops

That's ok about the typos. And as for the photos, somehow I doubt there is such a thing as a bad photo with you ;)

Have you seen me at 6am with my hair everywhere and maybe drool on my face haha :-P

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where u from bro???

New Zealand. You?

india... add me up... let's talk..

Sure, why not?

What's your hobby?

Tabletop war gaming

what's that?

where you get armies of miniatures, dice and a measuring tape and try to kill your opponent's army

that sounds interesting

It is interesting. You ought to try it :)

well i can kind of relate to you with your girlfriend situation, except it's sort of flipped. my boyfriend (well now ex) feels how you do, but all of the time. he feels like a failure, worthless, useless, and even dumb. i think your post put me in his shoes a bit.

I'm glad you can get some perspective. It's always good when that happens

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Hugs :)))

Hugs :)

The point is that you have reached the point in when your asking whats the point. If your so useless, then make yourself useful, experiment with your past and future but also know that your in the present. We were given a life span for a reason, to use different times of are life to improve on are selfs. So that you know you have improved and succeeded when you look back on your life.

I'm sorry, but what is the point of succeeding? Who cares? Our lives are for us to make of what we will, including nothing. There should be no pressure to be useful. We should be allowed to die if we want to. We all descend into nothingness in the end. If we cut life short, we only bring the nothingness a bit sooner.

The point of succeeding is to become a brighter part of this world and to love yourself and others around you, keeping your life at rock bottom is not the answer because you are someone to this world and you deserve to experience more in life.

You just kicked the can down the road. Why become a "brighter" part of the world? I mean, do you read what you write before you post it? It's full of unexplained assumptions. You talk of love, but don't explain what that means. You assert that we are someone to the world, but again, offer no proof and don't say what it means. You say we deserve things, but offer no justification for that.

You sound kind of religion. Religious people are full of assertions with no proof. They want things just because that's how they want things. It's very narcissistic.

You say keeping life at rock bottom is not the answer, but you don't even say what question it is not the answer to. And you act as if it was a choice. No one would be depressed if they had a choice. So get that idea right out of your head. Depression is not a choice. Getting out of it is not something you can just choose to do.

Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were a kid. Of course you don't understand these things. Of course your answers are simplistic and unthought out. Sorry. I don't know why they let kids out of their sandboxes here. You can't even begin to understand at your age. Please excuse me. But next time, do some research before you say things out of ignorance. Please.

On a serious note....Don't listen to Wundayatta.You need encouragement in times like theses,clearly this dude is only trying to make you just as old and bitter as him!
I hope you keep holding on to life.Never just give up,you will regret it. Life isn't easy,but it is worth living! :)

Thank you beautiful :)

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