I struggle everyday to get over my depression, I force myself to laugh and smile.. I even may seem as the happiest person in the world sometimes ..but the truth is when the night comes tears just fall through my eyes , and I cant stop crying for hours.. it hurts so much .. I have pushed all my friends away and while they are having fun I'm here at my house killing myself more and more inside.. :(
DenadaPls DenadaPls
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

When the pain gets too much you need to have someone to be there for you.....someone who'll be there amd care.
Talk to a good friend....your boyfriend.....sister...your mom...whoever!
Worst thing to do is suffer in silence.
Someone whos shoulders you can rest your head....or someone who can even giver you a big hug. (those work wonders!)
Here for you ;-/