I am always depressed 24/7. I want my old self back. I was happy, I had a good social life, and I loved doing new things. Now I feel like no one likes me I never go on social network now and I always feel left out. I am also worried about my future. I had a boy called Ryan Ellison pick on me ever since the beginning of the year and got suspended last week. Im too scared to go to school, I cry every 10 minutes, I am too scared to ask my parents or anyone for help. I feel worthless. I almost killed myself yesterday too. I just want my life to restart or move to a different school and see what happens. I feel like I was born for no reason, I'd never excel at anything. I just need a hug, but I have low self confidence to ask. I am worries my parents think i am a loser that I don't go out with my friends every weekend and only 4 times a month like I used to and that I do martial arts instead of footy, BMX instead of surfing and drums instead of vocals. I need someone to talk to, I almost killed myself yesterday, this is going to far :'( I really need some comfort and help. Please I really need someone to talk too im going insane 😞😣😨😩😓😰😥😪
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Im here if u need a friends to listen.. vent.. or for advice. Feel free to read my stories to see I can more than relate to how u r feeling. And comment if ud like. Xoxo

Aw thanks a lot

Remember that your thoughts are not the truth of who you are. Then stop listening to them. I hope that you don't judge you by what is going on outside of you.
Then seek help with a professional mind person.
You are here to be you and only you. These life challenges will make you a stronger person.
Quote for you:
To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.
e e cummings

Thanks 😅