What's wrong? Why act so shocked to learn I cut myself? Nobody showed mercy when it was just me crying for mercy or peace. Funny how people take pain serious when it's self inflicted.

It's too late now. I came to society as an abused child looking for compassion. People instead pitied me like a dog.
I wanted love and was mocked. Now that I don't care what I type and mention I cut myself to feel human, people "care".

You didn't care before and you don't now. It was funny before. So go ahead, mock me, harass me, do whatever. You haven't held back before, why start now?
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

Hey, I'm sorry that you were abused as a child :/ I do care though. Those people that laughed and mocked you are sad excuses for human beings. I cut too so I'm not going to show fake "care" for that.