This picture truly speaks 1000 words!
Plese pray for them.
#Pray for Gaza
#pray for humanity
#Free Palestine

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I don't get it.

Don't get what?

The picture and what the story is about.

The story is about people of Gaza,Israel is trying to invade Palestine and killing and destroying their land,this picture is of a picture of school,most of the kids who use to study here are martyred by Wicked zionists,For more info check out my stories or inbox me.

Ah I see. Thanks for the explanation. :)

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stop the rockets, stop the terror attacks, my prayer

Blaming hamas for rockets?You need to get your facts right.
Peace,May God remove the veil from your eyes,Ameen

rockets fired from civilian areas, see cnn

Israel murdered 2065 Palestinians in Gaza this month.Numbers are being added every minute now.Only devil and cowards can kill civilians,babies.

only cowards hide behind children

Lmao!Is this the best excuse you can come up with?
lolololol please OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

Zionists are running these channels,what makes you think they will show you the truth?
What do you think,people of Gaza should just sit and let zionists take over their land and bomb them?What do you expect flowers in return of their dead family members and destroyed homes?

hahahaha, brain dead

Israel is a war criminal.

silly, hamas ans isis are the same, terrorists that should be stamped from earth

don't silly me,Israehell are the ones who are criminals and worst than animals,you need to open your eyes to see the reality instead of believing in biased media!!!!But why would you care about the truth,you are too ignorant and comfortable to do that.

Yeah sorry i am not good at being a keyboard WARRIOR!!!!

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