So many depressed people just want it all to end. I'm no different. I hate when people say it's so selfish. I used to think that, but I realized that I was wrong. Why is it so selfish that I don't want to hurt anymore? I'm supposed to just live like this for the rest of my life for people who don't even give a **** about me? It's my life, and I should get to choose whether I want to live through this pain or not. If people who have committed suicide to stop the pain are selfish, then so are people who take pain killers. People are hypocrites and I'm sick of it.
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I'm thinking about doing it now. And I agree it's no more selfish. Than saying they want you to stay. They want you to stay for them and that is a selfish reason. Most people don't want you to do it so they don't have to deal with the pain of losing you.


Be a fighter ... fight with all your problems and thats how we should live our life.