so i just feel like ranting. Been sick for about 5 years now with ME and feel like total **** every day too exhausted to do anything super depressed it just feels like its never going to end, im 17 now and i have barley been to school since i got sick i just want to go back to school have a girlfriend hang out with friends learn to drive, get a job etc. the only thing that keeps me from being depressed all the time is gaming or watching streams witch my parents hate of course theyr depressed aswell and want me to try do more other stuff like reading and homework, but im just exhausted all the time, some days i barley get out of bed. My mom almost starts crying sometimes when she talks to me about my sickness. i have been thinking of taking my life, not really serious, but i always think if i died today i wouldnt even care it would almost just be a relief.
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depression is very hard and not a lot of people understand they think you stay in bed because your lazy or something but its a complicated mental thing. im depressed to im on this site to talk to people about it and find support here that I cant get at home. if you want to talk about stuff im here. I know how you feel I thought the same thing as you. that if I died no one would care or notice so I do understand. im sorry your going through this so young. do you wan to talk about whats making you so depressed?

I am sorry for your experience,but I think we should live each day as if it was the last .

I know some people think and juge 'light'I a not one of them ,I am depressed too so I can understand exactly ,I went through a lot a difficult events, I understand what you feel ...depression is a consequence of stress ,pain ,a dramatic experience ,specialist found that there is a drop of seratonin in the depressed brain, that is why They prescribe prozac.
I , myself just try to see the Bright side of Life .

Yea me too there's not much else you can do

I tried to use paraliminal to heal the brain for depression, it seems to work for the moment,hope it can try too

Ps:I still use my anti-depression pills

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