in every single day :( no one to lean on T_T
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thank u all guys :(

Their are many ways to fix this prepare for OPTIONS!!! Okay number 1) Depression is a feeling most people in the world have or will feel. It's normal especially if something traumatic happened. (family death, dead pet, relationships, etc.) But those SOMETIMES go away. Then there is people like us who suffer it all the time. Who can't "light the fire in you," I phrase it like that because normal people go to the mirror and are seeing hotness. But others see their flaws and upset their-selves. SO that being said, the treatment plans can be: 1) find a way to light the flame. (i recommend) Find happiness in yourself see a diamond ready to shine, not coal that wants to sit back and cry. (i say it this way because coal when put under alot of stress and pressure can form diamonds.) So in other words BECOME THE DIAMOND! See the world for what it can be not what it is now. Change your view. See sexiness in the mirror not flaws. Because everyone is beautiful. (and the lean statement don't lean on someone stand tall by yourself:) ) And my second Option Is to try some anti-depressants and don't give up on just one. Many people stop after the first pill, But it's like glasses you don't just grab the first ones and buy them, you try on others. so If you choose this one try others if the first doesn't help light that flame and instead helps put it out try another. thats about the best i can offer hop this helped. and if not at least maybe you laughed.

I'm sorry. :( Perhaps you can lean on us here at EP? we would be more than happy to listen.

*offers shoulder* I like to listen if you need to discuss anything or just need a friend.