Last year I had a cosmetic toe lengthening surgery, really bad podiatrist who did it because it wasn't necessary. I walked the whole time now I have bad scar tissue it looks horrible and I'm worst off then I was before. I feel like I have no one. I battle taking my life everyday not because of the surgery just because I feel so helpless. I have severe pain that I deal with everyday, along with the stressed of life. I really just need a real friend
Toocrazy4u Toocrazy4u
2 Responses Aug 30, 2014

maybe talk with a doctor or go the health vitamin route? Or perhaps there are certain things that help with chronic pain. Ask your doctor about icy hot on your feet. these are all just ideas be sure to consult your physician. I deal with a lot of pain myself.

At least it's your toe and not your face.