Depressed Is All I Feel

I am always depressed mostly becuase of my sister actually becuase of everyone.

I feel like my parents dont love me like  they do for my younger brother and older sister.

well ill prove it so here is the story...

all of a sudden i walk into my room exuasted because i just want to sleep my sister is in ther laying on my bed so i come in and said hey can u please get out im so  tired today man.

then she is like no screw u with i serous rude face so  im like please get out and she is like no in my mind im like isnt this my room ?

eerytime my sister and I fight my mom comes in and she says to ME  dont fight! just tell me then ill solve it so i went down stairs to tell my mom then she comes up stairs with me. 

i said to my ister right when i walk in " hey can u get out " then my sister is like no 

my mom comes up and say why dont u just let ur sister stay there why are u so self fish ?

okay first of all my room is as small as a hamster cage my sister's room is like HUGE!

so i break down crying becuase i dont even understand my mom. COME ON EVEN A 7 YEAR OLD CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM  !

my mom is like stop crying why are u crying ? then i said cuase im mad! then she said dont talk back at me!" WTF IM ANSWERING HER QUESTION!!!!

then my sister luaghes at me and she was all acting nice and innoecent  and says "oh was just joking " okay joking doesnt inolve people crying .

its bad enough i have to deal with her everyday and my parent are always on her side when she wrong thats why she is so spoiled .

i feel like just becuase im the middle child my feeling dont matter I DONT EVEN MATTER.


when she wants to do something she always can but i cant  they alwasy compare me to her i just feel like suicide since my friends dont even care if i told them they would just gossip about it , so whats the point i just keep all of this boddled inside

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Yup... That's what we got for being the middle child. *sigh*<br />
Why do they even bother with us?? They shouldn't bring us to life if in the future they were going to act like that.

That is very sad. How old are you? Perhaps you should try this:<br />
<br />
When you are calm, ask to talk to you both your mom and your dad together, and explain this to them in an even-tone without getting upset. Act very calm and mature about it, and show them you're truly upset and concerned about it. But do not get mad and try not to cry.<br />
<br />
I'm sure they will come around a little bit after you properly explain things to them.