Life In General

i'm kinda stuck in a funk that i can't get out of. and i'm scared shitless that i might end up doin something stupid. my depression has gotten worse, i do still have good days, but have more bad than anything. i thought that i had met the right woman for me...well i guess not, she doesn't know if she still wants to stay with the person she is with right now or be with me. i hate people that **** with your head, i can't take that ****. my migraines haven't imporved much so that brings me down and work is totally stressin me out, and to top it all off i have no money. have you ever thought to yourself that it would just be better to kill yourself than to live life like you are right now. i mean will any one really even miss me if i were gone, would they continue on with there lifes like I wasn't ever there? these things go through my head all the time now, and i'm scared, cuz i know that all it could take is one lil slip up and i will snap and that will be the end.

i know i need to get some help and get it fast. i need to go see a tharpist and get put on some good anti-suisidal n anti-depressent drugs. life is a ***** and i'm goin through hell right now, i don't even know if there is gonna be an end to all of my pain that i'm goin through. how does one get through the bad days?

sorry for ramblin on and on, i just needed someone to talk to and get some stuff off of my chest. i knew that you would read it and be cool with it.

talk to ya later,
laidbackcat28 laidbackcat28
26-30, F
Feb 9, 2007