Depressed and Overwhelmed

Have battled depression for a long time years in fact as well as dealing with PTSD. I have managed to get to where I am now with a lot of help from some very special people and treatment. Today I feel like **** (sorry) I have had a fight with my daughter she has said some pretty awful things about me which have pushed buttons in me left right and center.  I feel guilty for even sharing this with you out there those who are reading this but my feelings are very deep and I feel incredibly despairing.

I don't want to phone anyone cause it is too difficult to explain but the pain I am feeling is pretty full on.  I think what makes this all so bad is that I cannot get my mind around the accusations they are not something I can easily use rationality to get to a better place in my head.  I guess thats why they are so damaging and a mind f ***. So I really appreciate just being able to put into words somehow how I am feeling right this minute and have the words and feelings accepted by other people out there who are also feeling like crap.  Thanks for being there.
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2 Responses Oct 17, 2007

Just wanted to say most of the time I have the insight to realise my glass is half full not half empty. I have moved along since writing the above and now feel a tad better which is great. Thanks for your kind words and cheering on (- :

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OK sometimes you feel terrible but remember it is just a bad period. There is not a person on this planet that can truthfully admit that they have their life is fantastic each day every day of their lives. <br />
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I know what it is like to be depressed and it is awful, their were days when I did not want to go on but then usually there is one day when you wake up and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Remember all the little things that make you smile. In my case it is being left alone in peace to read a book, finding something perfect when I go shopping or even just getting a compliment. Even if you do not feel happy try and think happy thoughts. Hopefully thse thoughts will transfer to your mood.