My mind is my greatest enemy and asset. Something is not right inside there. Perhaps there is a short circuit, or a missing piece. Whatever the case, I can neither run nor hide from its influence on me and its ability to take the number one spot in my life. I have never felt normal or whole. I have never been able to believe in or accept others love for me. I have never had peace. Often I wonder why I continue on, knowing that having depression is like sitting on death row. I feel like it is the only part of me. When I think about myself all I can see are the scars and dirt and worthlessness. When I think about my hobbies or my talents or interests, all I can see is my sadness. Is there anything else in this world?

hopelesstx hopelesstx
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

I feel the same way.. Maybe not exactly to the letter, but I do. We gotta kick this things ***. For me, it was finally finding a hobby, an activity that I loved. Every time I would get angry, I could blow off steam. whenever I was sad, it would cheer me up. I've wanted to write a story like yours for a while.. You did the right thing by letting it out here. Noone's gonna judge you and we're all here to help. Maybe I'll put my thoughts down too, that really helps. Thanks, really hope you get better:).