Has anyone had a good experience on anti-depressants?

I have been on celexa and zoloft, and both curbed the feeling of bottoming out. That was good for me; I'll bottom out so bad I can barely keep it together. When I was on them they destroyed my libido. I still had a functioning sex life but things just felt different. Being depressed messes with my libido enough as it is. The antidepressants just numbed things worse.

I also developed a twitch. I couldn't hold my limbs still and would be restless in bed. Nerve pain accompanied this. So between the twitch and the low libido, I was feeling like a bum as far as boyfriends go. So I quit the pills. Before I could get over the withdrawl, we broke up. So it was all for nothing.

That's my story. I reaped some benefits; I felt more stable than I ever had. Now it's back to the way it was. I can already tell I'm back to my old depressed self by the way I want to explode and crawl into bed forever. But I don't suffer from nerve pain, twitchiness, or low libido.

Anyone had a decent experience on antidepressants where they didn't have those kind of obnoxious side effects?

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26-30, M
Mar 8, 2010