I Am Depressed! Yes I Am

Yes I am deeply depressed for many reasons but mainly because I am over weight! I recently started blogging about it so if u relate 2 my story plz add me and check my blog:


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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

I understand! u both go thru similar experiences but for different opposite reasons! I wish people would just leave each other alone and just accept each other for what they r! I started now my battle against weight not because of people but because of me! I wanna b healthier, happier and better looking! So u know what screw people! we r special in our own way! and who doesnt c that is a looser and u dont need himher! b urself, be happy and proud about it and just life ur life and be happy! get 2 know people, trust me they will surprise u! yes ull know some hurtful idotic scumbags who will make fun of u but u will also meet nice special people who r worth it! u will never please people no matter what so why not please urself? u deserve 2 b happy! am here u and 2 support u my friend!

hey i cant relate to being over weight but i can relate to being made fun of becuse of my size i am realy skiny to the extent that my whole life i have been made fun of for girls it is ok to a degree to be realy skiny but guys are expected to have mucels and have good hair and it not fair as i said i cant relate to being overweight but sort of get where you are comming from no matter what i do i cant get muscels i even joined a gym and took martial arts and i still get names like paper weight an stick and it can be quite fustrating on both sides of the fence