I Am Depressed And Feel Like A Failure

I feel like a complete failure. I keep screwing up in everything, especially school. I am a college senior who only has a GPA of 3.0 and wants to go to grad schools such as American University and top tier schools overseas. Sometimes I don't know why I even try. I did so poorly on a paper (C grade) that I worked on for a week straight. Plus, in the same course, I can't even speak up in class. I feel so stupid because I don't understand most of the material and I do the readings! When I do understand some of the concepts, I am too afraid to speak up because I can't express myself as eloquently as some of the other students. That and because if I am wrong, my prof. will completely shut me down and move on to the next person. I am really passionate about my major, but sometimes I feel so stupid because there is so much that I don't know that I should know by now. I have asked my prof. for help in the past, but it seems like all he really cares about are his 'favorites' in the class, which is also distracting me. i was going to ask this same prof. to write my letter of rec., but I know he will just look at me like I am stupid, because I am applying to some top tier schools. I just feel like giving up.Before I left for school this semester, my father told me that he couldn't believe that I was actually a college student and that I was accepted into my school because I am so stupid. I am starting to believe this.

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I know what u feel, u'r not alone

Hey we all stupid in one way or another, not because we are just things we say n do at time. Take courage its ok not be luke others that what make us unqiune. Be proud of ur accomplisments .look where u was, n where u at now close graduations that is success in it self. Which imporyant is to accept u for u not compare to others. There more professor can write that letter, dont lay all ur eggs in one area. Every class have its ups n down how u allow it affect ur attitude n personality it up to. Only u can control who u allow to control the way u see ur self n ur feelings. Speek up, remain silent how can anyone know what u think. What is ur grsatest fear, can it kill u, make u feelany worst than been silent now. Tell dad thank u helping me ve the strong independent u are. Remember ur goal n why u chose this profession. Can ur progress is u remain silent or do it take determination n presistance n skill to come as far as u have. God gave us all mind to determind what we want, how we allow others to help or hurt us in our chioces. Pray u allow wisdom to guide ur thoughts n action.

Some people are truly truly stupid. It is clear to me that you are not so don't believe morons. Idiots have a need to put others down because THEY are inadequate. Show them who they truly are and put them in their place. You have it inside you to do it, you just have to find a way. I never understood most of the things in school either, in fact I never even attended college because I was afraid of failing. Find your strength and shine!

Damn your prof. and dad. Don't think that, okay? Even though you got a C, you can still try. Practice makes perfect.

Thanks for all of the support!

If your really depressed you should get some medication. If not, dowload this album and listen to it, it will make you feel better :) http://modlife.com/AngelsAndAirwaves

Hun you raise your hand and you do your best to explain what you think is right and if you are wrong oh well. You have to make mistake to learn from them. Dont feel like a failure because God put you here for a reason! Plus you have to be pretty dang brite if your going to collage period. Dont waste your intelligence. You show the world just who you are.

so sorry to here that.... you got to be strong.... its not hat you dont know anything its just that you are nervous and you forget things...thats why you dont speak up....just believe in yourself and say i can do this....dont be afraid to speak up....im a very quiet person....i use to be so shy....in high school.... as i got old and became a senior i was quiet still but i also spoke my mind.....n now im in college im a loner cuz i trust no one....i do my work....and i speak my mind in class with it come to classwork... i dont care what other thought about me.....you are making this decision for you and only you.... dont be afraid to speak.... if you get nervous just speak your mind, or speak what you feel you should say dont be afraid....take that chance at saying it... and dont listen to your father...sometimes they do that to try and push you to work harder...or they just have going through something in there life....ignore what he says....prove him wrong....stay in school...dont give up.....go for it.....god bless...

I can relate! I feel the same way about Latin. I love Latin, but I do not know if Latin loves me. Many students in my class understand it perfectly, whereas I struggle. I am not going to give up though and will continue with Latin after my class is over. <br />
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Here are a few of my suggestions: STOP comparing yourself to other students! You do not know what motivates them or what their goals are. As for your prof, all profs have favorites, they are human beings with biases like everyone else. I am sure he is not your only professor. Is there a professor you do get along with? Ask that prof for a recommendation. I thought all my profs hated me, but I was pleasantly surprised by quite a few who encouraged me to teach. We are now good friends.<br />
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A 3.0 is an excellent grade point average. Colleges and universities have been inflating grades for years and many profs are now grading harder. A's do not mean as much as they once did, because a lot of students were getting them for just showing up. <br />
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If you want to go to grad school, VOLUNTEER! Yep, show that you are not just another student looking out for yourself. Show that you care about your community and volunteer in an area that has something to do with your major. I am a lit major and I volunteered to teach kids to read and write. It was my volunteering that got me into the grad school of my choice, not just my grade point average. You must show that you are more than just your grade point average.<br />
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Good luck!