"People who commit suicide are selfish" people say. Its a permenant solution to a temporary problem. No your wrong. You want to know whats selfish? Wanting someone to stay alive for your sake. Desperately putting thoughts into my head thinking it will all be better soon. No your wrong. And you should be ashamed of yourself for wanting me to stay alive for you. Hell i even tried eelectroconvulsive shock therapy!!! It did nothing! What I'm trying to say is please for everyone thats one the other side of the bridge, stop saying suicides selfish. Because it isn't. Its selfish to want someone to stay alive for you.
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People don't understand the pain that someone goes thru. Just to end the pain and hurt....it's not ending your life you want to do. You just wanna stop this fu$*@ng pain.

I somehow agree to this but it's not all true. Some people want u to stay alive is because they know life is precious and ur made here for a purpose. It's for ur own good. They're just trying to help. They don't gain anything for this...

Okay, i hear you. Its not selfish but what possibly can you gain from taking your own life. If you are religious then you know the other side has something in stock for you and if you are not religious you are giving up on one chance that evolution gave you and instead of using it to leave a mark in this world you are just wasting it...................... deep down every human is depressed, we all have a burden inside us which we have to carry around but most of us cope with it by waiting for the happy times. If you truly want to get rid of this depressions, sadness and loneliness then try doing something good just for once try to make someone else happy, a random person who you are not connected too in anyway. Go out and hug someone who you think needs it, play a game of tic tacs with a child and loose on purpose, smile for a stranger while you walk past him/her, listen to someone who is sitting and seems to be alone. try doing one of these things once and if they dont work for you well u could always go back to your old life but trust me on this, when u do something for someone and it brings a smile to their face every problem seems to be tiny in front of that smile

I turkey agree to this. And I does this so often... Some people knew this is also my weakness, they use that and take my help for granted...


As true as this is, because of the imbalance of certain chemicals within the brain, it is very difficult for people with mental disorders to think about all that at all. And even if they do, it just makes them feel worse for some reason....I still can't figure out why