Feeling Low and Fat!

I am 34 years old, and had my third baby 9 months ago, I have had persistent Achilles tendinitis since, making walking difficult and uncomfortable, and to add to the problem I am 6 stone over weight!!!!!!

I have never been this heavy, and the inability to excercise is grinding me down, unfortunately I also comfort eat so it is a vicious circle.

Is there any one else out there who is struggling too?

Please get in touch, maybe we could support each other.

Anne xx

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I can completely relate. The smallest I have ever been was a size 10. I was a 12 when I had my first child (10 years ago) I went up to a size 18-20 . I had somehow managed to go back down to a 14 (for me that was incredible. I had another child 5 months ago and I am back to about 18. I know what I need to do to lose the weight but I can't seem to do it. I LOVE food. I crave sweets (cake especially). I keep telling myself to not eat that stuff but it's almost uncontrollable. Even as I am walking to the fridge or pantry, I am telling myself that I don't need it, I am not really hungry, etc. but I go in there anyway. It is really frustrating. Right now I am going through a rough patch and the eating thing is getting worse. I keep eating even after I know I am full. It is an addiction. I would love to have someone to talk to about it but it is a bit embarrassing to tell the people I know that I am a food addict. I want to eat all the time! I need to fix this because I had diabetes with bot pregnancies and I know that if I am not diabetic now, I soon will be.

I also am having a really hard time losing weight, but I'm trying to be positive about it. 2 years ago, I lost about 100 pounds, getting me down to 275 from about 380. Since then, I've been pretty much stuck at 275 (I'm 5 foot 10 inches). It's very hard for me because I'm going to school to be an actress and no one will cast someone as heavy as me. It's also been hard for me to lose weight because during the school year I have no time to exercise and during the summer I live at home where my mom doesn't understand the concept of eating healthily, even when I specifically ask her to pick up foods that I can eat to eat more healthily. It's very frustrating and I really don't know what to do about it anymore. I hope that the two of you have more luck with your attempts!

Thankyou for your reply Trish, a stone has 14lbs in it, so thats about 84 lbs!!!!<br />
So I have a long way to go.<br />
Sorry to hear of your divorce, do you have children?<br />
Emotional eating, yep that's me too, happy, sad ,depressed whatever I turn to food.<br />
I am making a real effort to take control of my eating, without cutting out all things nice, I will try to allow myself a "treat" each day.<br />
My main concern is the amount of time it will take to loose the weight, I wish I could wake up and it would be gone!<br />
I am trying to find a way to fit more excercise in to my life, it's difficult with the ankle pain, swimming is an option, but the nearest pool is about 10 miles away!<br />
What do you plan to do?<br />
I would love to "Team" up for support, a diet buddy sounds good.<br />
Let me know your plans.<br />
Best wishes Anne x

hi Annie,<br />
I can totally relate, recently due to a divorce i have gained about 20lbs and I am totally UNmotivated to workout. So this situation has lead me to feel slightly depressed as well. I don't know what a stone is in pounds so I can't figure out how much you have gained, but in reality the actual amount doesn't seem to matter, what matters, despite the # is the fact that both of us are unhappy with our bodies BUT may I add that you just had a baby so maybe give yourself a bit of a break. I would love it though if we both joined up and supported each other with eating properly and help motivate each other to do some kind of exercise, though with a new baby I know it will be hard for you to find the time, I have no excuse. Also I can relate to emotional eatting because I do that too. Lets see what we can do as a team!! Take care, Trish