I Miss "us"

My husband and I have been together for 7.5 years we have 3 children, 5, 2 and 1.  They are the light of our worl!  Like other posts he too has been very pig headed with him always being right and never meeting half way until he says something for hurtful or has a freak out session.  The children have been around when he calls me names when hes upset and that breaks my heart.  He then is always sorry about a day after an outburst but I'm worried about what its doing to my kids.  I try being the perfect wife but the last 6 months has been very hard for me even to do so. He has come from an abusive family, his dad was abusive "verbally more so than physically" to him and sometimes his mother.  Once his mother left his dad, his dad freaked out and raped her.  Bad story, he is dealing with all these wounds but HE DOES NOT TALK!  He keeps it all bottled up inside and then takes it out on me.  Ive told him that he is also being abusive towards me when he calls me awful names and threatends me.  He knows he has but he blames his temper.  I believe its a learning issue of what he went through as a child and I DONT want it sprinking down to my kids on how they treat someone someday.

At one time we had a wonderful marriage.  We would do anything for eachother and we used to kid around and be eachothers partners in life.  Now that is deteriating and I'm wanting that back.  We've taken a break for a while but it seems to go down the same path everytime he comes back.  Im sick of feeling worthless but I want my husband back!  He can be a good man.

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as far as im consernd hummanty has lost its way an people dont hav the same morrois as it youes to so a couply of years with some 1 then breaking up is normal to todays socitey if you want things to work then never stop trying