I have had long, very long , hair for years. It's taken me a very long time to grow my hair to this 44 inch length. I love my long hair, but I am not "in love" with it. In fact, I'm thinking very seriously about having it cut to shoulder length or shorter. What's left could even be made into a wig of a similar length.

I live in the SF bay area. Anyone seriously interested in cutting this long raven hair to a shorter cut. It's "virgin" hair, i.e. it's never been died or permed or chemically treated in any way.
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So did you ever get your hair cut,if not I am still willing to cut it for you.

Go like a little shorter than chin length


I was reading your story about how you loved to shave heads- specifically your bf's and how it was such a turn-on for you both.

Have you considered letting him cut your hair to YOUR liking. Leave it long enough, of course, so that you can have a professional trim it to the style you'd like. If it's a turn-on for him to have you shave his head, it would surely be a big turn-on for you to let him cut yours, wouldn't it? Although, if he's a HEAD SHAVE fetishist, your hair could be in some real serious jeopardy.

I am still willing to cut your hair for you, if you come to Michigan

44 inches and you want to CUT it? Are you crazy? You don't like to just sit looking out at a sunset, gently brushing or stoking that long, raven black hair? Surely, your bf would sit behind you for hours doing that. Are you sure you want to cut it so severely?

I'd be interested if you haven't done so yet. Hopefully you still are up for it.

I live in Michigan, I'll do it

If you are in Florida
I'd love to do it for you
Where are you located?

Where you from message me I'll cut it

I'll cut it for you :)

Would help if you were a lot further North as long as you didn't mind me make sure I couldn't change your mind

Sell it. Google. People will pay.

Ummm, clippers? Nothing too short. Something that'll look nice.

Pop bzzzzzz :-)