An Adventure

within a period of three years my entire family has been tear apart, i have nobody again to advice me when am going wrong. sometimes a feel like ending it all becuase there is nothing beter in life for me. my dad was an adventist pastor in EAST GHANA CONFERENCE OF S|. d.a. he was tranfer to a certian village called akoase as part of his service to God. this is the beging of my story. the humination and suffering we went through from both the members and the town can not be told. at the end, i lost my elder sister, a year after another one deid, within a year my Grandmother follws. then a month later my dad went blind. he was rejected by bothe the members and the confrence who should have help him. this humination went through his mind until he finaly gave up in the beginig ofv this year. when he fell sick the doctors demanded $10000 in other for them to take care of him but who was to pay this money. his doughters were dead and i am in school so he deid due to lack on money. because our own church couldn't help us. i am now left alone in the middle of my studies.

i feel God has not been good to us. how can somebody serve in the whole of his life and dei's painful this way. nothing was left behind for the up keep of the family, no house, no money, no cloth, but rather bibles and debt to be paid. belovers i am losing my mind nowbecause it is too much to bear i need an advice and explaination from belivers i hope somebody is lestening to me

thanks n

asensogi asensogi
22-25, M
Feb 11, 2010