Im tired i waking up and at first its peaceful. Then my world crashes down around me as i remember my life. And how absolutly alone i feel right now. No one around me. No one for the support i need here. My heart is broken, and i can feel the ache go through my body and i can feel the sadness in my body and yet i keep a composed face and smile sometimes. I feel like im in a tiny bubble of me and the whole world is pushing down on me to pop it.

I need people to talk to..i need to not feel so alone...

Anyone wanna talk?
littlexpiecexofxme littlexpiecexofxme
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

I know how being alone feels and how the feeling of being alone feels. Its like being in a movie that your watching and you are part of it, but you don't like what you see for yourself in it. You know how the character feels exactly, and it's just bad..

where do u live?