He Reached Way Down For Me

My the grace of God I am saved, not from my actions but my his blood.
As a child lost and afraid I was trying to find my way, with no signs to say this way are that I just wondered around in a haze.
Then one Sunday morning, it was a holiday, Easter. i realized my kids had never been to church so I got them ready and we were on our way to an Easter Service, first one for them and me.
The singers sang, the preacher preached, then I felt something calling for me, tears rolling down my face I refused to move from that place. But then I knew I would never make it another moment without that saving grace.
To the alter I ran on my knees I started to pray, The preacher he prayed with me, but the sinners prayer didn't seem to work for me, so I prayed harder, then the Holy Spirit was on my side and God heard my cry.
Oh what a happy day, the day MY SINS were washed away. Jesus had reached down his hands for me...ME.
such a sinful life I had lead, but now I have no regrets, sometimes i feel so down and low but to my knees I always go, I fall asleep talking to him each night and wake with in my heart. He knows my voice now and he knows my name, I love you Jesus, so glad your bore my shame.
mommaceitta mommaceitta
51-55, F
May 13, 2012