We All Know The Meaning Of Life.

One day i thought that i was dead then I started thinking about the meaning life.The answer is infinity, we all live in a circle that starts on the day we are born to the day we die. We are all one being who is trying to buy eternity or may be he is forced to live so he has to spend eternity by being creative. He creates time and us, the question is what else does he create. He has been us and we have been him and we go in that circle interchanging. We can't stop thinking , and death is irrelevant if we are him. Him being the only one he has to distract himself by creating time and the universe so that he has a peace of mind. As humans we seek the knowledge to enhance existence and know the reason for existence, yet we have that knowledge already because we have been everyone and everyone has been us.
We have flipped every rock and counted every sand just to seek knowledge. We have been every one and the circle goes on and on for eternity. So life has no meaning. The only advice that I have is please help the next guy because he is also you.

Ever thought why do we fear death, why do we stay away from anything that brings us to our death yet we seek pleasure?
Onyango85 Onyango85
3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

If the actual meaning of life turned out to be monumentally challenging to your current concepts, would you not simply dismiss it?

Wow. I think you're on to something. Life is infinity.