I Am Destined To Be Saved...

while in the flesh, God told me " you are welcome." He brought me up to see a majestic flight of stairs. But he pulled me back coz it was not my time. I never saw God for if i did, I would not be sitting here and typing this confession. He sent me one of his warrior angels--he has a brave sounding voice--he told me that I am named _____ because i was a follower of Isaiah. That is why my name also starts with I..I will be a pink angel who will be singing as part of a choir when i leave this world. Even though, i am destined to be saved, i am not sitting on my laurels. I still have to resist sinning..but of course i am a human and will always be  a sinner. There are more ways than one to be saved or be a citizen of heaven because God's plan of saving mankind is very broad. As there are many ways for a person to be a citizen of a country.  But as the Holy Bible reveals, not everybody will be saved...NOT EVERYBODY..
pinklipstick pinklipstick
31-35, F
Jun 19, 2011