Lost That Love In Feeln

I have had a lot of heartache  and stress because of family issues, I lost my self on the 4th February this year  due to a very traumatic experience. Now I realized I don't feel love  or angry any more and I am not afraid of anything any more either, for me that's amazing.  My love for my children  has become stonger  and I feel  more like a wounded lioness protecting her cubs from the hunters but for me it is the  dangers known to me.

They  too  have changed  due to their  trauma.   It will take a life time of  love and healing but the wounds of heart ache will always be there .

I am  cold and distant I   hate been touched or cuddle now  I have never been  this way if anthing  the  complete opposite. I dont even care about money or the concept of time. I will get there when I am ready.  Bills they can wait for another day.


I dont know who I am either I  am on a new journey in my  life and its empty . I broke up today with  my on again off  again  partner of 4 yrs and I feel nothing , I didnt even shed  a tear.

Has anyone else ever felt like this?




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go read the book call EQ u will have some idea what happy to u or ur mood .u will find some help from it too .if u fell ur becoming like a stone.carefree for some important thing. ur gonna mess up the remand thing ur still care slowly . be careful with that.live with hope,life will change if umake it last.

Thanks you so much for your comments I glad I am not the only one feeling this way. <br />
My kids have know become my main focus in life every else seems so trival know. I need to help them try to understand that this is not their fault it going to be a slow and painful time for us , but we are taken baby steps and hopefully they wont be as messed up as their mum.<br />
I am can feel your pain at feeling this way I would like to keep in contact on this site as you the only one who seems to understand . If I can help you in some way just ask . Have a lovely peaceful day.

i have the same excact problem ive suffered so much that i decided to hide my feelings , i dont feel love or hate o anything put it all away and now im like stone and sometimes i feel the pain and cant handle it so i just rather not think of it , i was like this for one year without feelings, now i cant say what i feel its bad, im gonna try a counselor but i dont know if i can face all of it , im gladd i saw this post because its excacly the same thing that im going through right now