Pain Killer Addiction

I've just written some about my addiction.  It's in my exerience.

11.8.07 Day4 of not having a pain killer and I'm doing good especially after being addicted for such a long time.  I haven't been feeling as tired.  (Am now though).  Am finding that I am coping much better with myself without them.  Early days though.

Day 5.  I still haven't had one and am feeling good about it.

Day 6.  The three doses of barocca that I'm having is really helping me.  I'm not craving a painkiller (I am surprised).

14.8.07  I'm doing pretty good.  None today and am feeling good without it.  Feeling pretty proud of myself with this accomplishment.

15.8.07 I still haven't had one... Yesterday was close as my back is still hurting.  I've got to somehow get money together for a chiro appointment. Money! Money! Money! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

17.8.07  I still haven't had one but have been thinking about buying some more.  Not going to though.

18.8.07  It's been a hard day today.  I think that if I would of had the money, I proberble would have gone and bought some.  I am feeling rather low.

20.8.07  I still haven't had one.  Yesterday was close though.  It's a good thing that I'm out of money at the moment.  My back is still hurting though.  I had a exray on friday.  I hope that it shows the doctor something as I am not making it up.  I'd also had some blood tests done as I am back to really feeling tired.  (maybe it might be cause soooo much negativity is still going on in my life) (I'll be writing it in my blog sometime today)

25.8.07  I'm doing good.  I still have those thoughts about buying them but am not giving in to it.  I am proud of myself for coming this far. 2 weeks without one.........YES

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3 Responses Aug 9, 2007

today is the 22nd of September. I had some for a few days a not long after the 11th...... Not to worry....

well it's the 11.9.07 and I still haven't had one. I am really glad about this as I'd thought that I wasn't able to stop taking these.

hoorah! every day is another victory to chalk up :D