I Always Have Been Determined

When I was 4 years old and in preschool, I always wanted to play on the monkey bars, but I could never get past the first bar.  And after many recesses spent struggling to get across, one day I just finally did it.  I finally got the hang of it (literally).  And I spent all recess going back and forth on the monkey bars so happy to finally be able to do it.  And I was so absorbed in it that I didn't even realise that I had blistered my hands so that they were bloody.  When recess was over my teacher saw them and sent me to the nurse to get them wrapped up in bandages (i looked like I was wearing boxing gloves lol).  Everyone kept asking what had happened to me, as if it was some tragic accident, but to me it was a great accomplishment that I will never forget.

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Thank you for your story. This is what real self esteem is all about.

believing in yourself, yep

you sound like when you make up your mind to do something you do it and that is great

A most impressive write! Keep writing my friend…:)

:) thanks

Always welcome...:)

Huh. I've always been the opposite way. Occasional times where I would speak my mind or be energetic, but mostly reserved. I guess I thought more than acted.

LOL i was just so excited i didnt even notice what i was doing to my hands. it was great. :D

that's a great story...I love to hear about people who keep trying to achieve something, then do it eventually, despite pain, and then completely feel at one with everything having done it! well done you!

thanks :) it really is an amazing feeling

Very pretty both to read and listen to- Great write and keep up the great work....:)

very inspirational story, thanks for sharing :)

glad you liked it :)

Wow great story you never give up on something you whant to do.

I wish that I was like you when I young maybe I wouldnt have the issues I have now!

You have talent, I can't wait to read more .......:)

Seems you slapped hlpflwthat right after, too... :D<br />
All hail to the mark of the Shannonymous !!!

wow! that's crazy! what a wonderful coincidence that you two actually became friends afterall! :)

That is a MAJOR accomplishment for a 4 year old, and what a wise little soul you are that you took it to heart and learned from it the way you did. Smartypants!! :0]<br />
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It brings to mind my favorite monkey-bar-gymnastics story. I hope you don't mind if I share it here?!<br />
<br />
It was 2nd grade, and I had just been switched to a new grade school mid-year when my parents sold our house and we moved. I was a real shy kid, so I was on the monkey bars playing alone, with one leg wrapped over the bar, spinning round and round and round and round. Another little girl came over and wanted to know how to do it. I showed her how I was doin' it, and she threw herself over with great gusto...but had her hands turned the wrong way, so when she rounded the bar and was hanging upside down, SPLAT!! She fell face first onto the concrete. (who puts concrete under monkey bars!? I tell ya!) She was silent for a second or two, just laying there on her face. She got up slowly, and walk turned to run as she ran into the school leaving a trail of blood behind her. By the time she made it through the doors, I heard the first sound she made....a wail like none I had ever heard in all my 7 years. I was terrified. I thought for sure I was to blame. I'm pretty sure I crawled even further into my shell and hid while I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. But nothing ever happened! I never knew that little girl's name and never saw her again.<br />
<br />
Flash forward to junior high. I am the new kid again, when my parents move us to yet another home in the same town. (This happened frequently when I was a child.) I somehow hook up with three wonderful girls who would remain my friends to this day. We were a foursome, and had more fun than I ever could have imagined. Jenny (my bestest bud) was the gorgeous one. Lisa was the chubby and brilliant one, and Gretchen was the hilarious wild spirit who had a gray front tooth. <br />
<br />
About the time we were seniors in high school, Gretchen came to me one day, very excited, telling me that her parents were going to get that gray tooth fixed. I asked her how it happened--it had never entered into our conversations before. She started telling me this sad tale of how, in the 2nd grade, she saw this little blonde girl spinning round and round and round on the monkey bars.... :0]<br />
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~ Woobie

thanks DG :)<br />
It will stick with me forever...even though it may seem quite simple to anyone else, it was an epiphany to me at the time and shapes my beliefs about what i can do to this day...one of my clearest and fondest memories

One small step for shannon one giant leap for shannonymous. LOL XD

:) thanks hammerhead

:D thanks

this story is a methaphor. it's good to be that way, Shannonmeduh, you're a fighter!

i know, hlpfl...i know.

Sometimes you jus gotta keep workin toward things. Things worthwhile, rarely come easily.