We Need to See Changes That Make a Difference.

I am a foster carer so I have a different angle on this than that of most people.

Most people want to instantly place blame on the social workers but they are forgetting that child protection involves many different agencies and all are fighting a system that is not working. Social workers do not have the power to do the job as they would like to and the final decision is made by a judge who does not know the full details of a case or have the experience to have that power.

I also believe is that way too much emphasis is placed on keeping the child with his or her family. They consider that it is the best thing for children if they remain in the family home for as long as possible because they know their roots and can keep the attachments that they have made. In an ideal world it is but these children are certainly not living in a ideal world! We need to understand this and put child protection above family therapy.

There is too much bureaucracy as we stand, it takes hours of recording on paperwork, time, resources and money (that isn't there) when all that is needed is common sense, placing the children with foster carers to ensure safety whilst things are investigated would be a start, If the parents have anything about them they will rise to the occasion and make the changes that are needed to keep their children healthy and safe and only when social workers consistently see real changes should the children be returned to them.

That is how we should protect our children, if we ditch the computer forms and tick boxes and go back to basics - common sense, baby P would still be alive. God Bless his soul. x

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Problems with foster carers would be much less likely if they were more vigorously checked prior to approval. In England Foster carers go through a really intensive assessment process, It took us 11 months to complete and that was working hard to speed things up. Even with this, I still believe that there were many gaps. We had training before we started but it didn't equip us for what we *really* needed to know and we are learning a great deal 'on the job' <br />
With the best will in the world there will always be some that slip through the net, some who are hell bent on harming children. Some of these people will attempt to become foster carers or take other positions where they have access to vulnerable children but I still see foster care as the best way of protecting abused kids.

Well said simply cannot cover it. I am the proud father of a CP son who is now 38. Talk to me about the struggles to get heath care for those who need it the most. Seven major surgeries, from tendon slicing to steel rod emplacement. <br />
These are not his problems however. Daniel wants to know how the grass is growing and the color of my truck. He has no interest in the mundane. Daniel has opened my world.

It is naiveto think that foster care is the answer...too many children have been injured or killed by foster parents....while being protected from their own parents....I am a child of foster care...I was lucky to not be a victim, but I saw many who were...there are some wonderful foster parents, but many who are horrendous...as bad, or worse than the abusive parents children are taken from....There are no easy answers to this...it really goes back to personal responsibility and the fact that too many people have children who are just not prepared...beauracracy may have good intentions, but is not the ultimate answer. Neighbors, families, doctors, teachers need to be more aware and step in when something is not right. Support young mothers by giving them real help - teaching them what to expect of young children, giving them a break when they are overwhelmed....young mothers should have a mentor...just a few thoughts...SS

I see your point but isn't it better to over react and ensure safety than to dither about being politically correct and then wonder why children are being seriously hurt or killed?

I agree wih most of what you said, though your headline made me think I may not.. ;-)<br />
In NZ, though we have our own dramas with hild and baby murder... there is no way, people would get away with half of what baby p did.... the babies that have died in NZ, are generally killed with beatings etc, given out by relatives or tempory caregivers, usually males, and its been polynesian for some reason... the child protection services, known as cyfts are feared amongst regular, loving parents who may have experienced deppression etc, as they over react...

Well said! I agree!