Black Cohosh

Hi girls, I've just started taking black cohosh this morning. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this, what were the results, and if there were any adverse effects?

Hugs and kisses, Jessica!
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I tried Black cohosh for a couple of days, day number one was totally fine, I took 2 (540mg each) tablets in the morning, 2 (540mg each) before bed time. Day number 2, took first dose in the morning, same day in the afternoon I start experiencing a headache like you wouldnt believe, so I blame the headache on lack of sleep, wait until the night I take the night dose and I start getting the same sensation (headache and joints pain). So I am going to try one table (540 mg) a day to see if I still get the same feeling. While doing my research I found that it is also know by some as the closest thing to hormone replacement therapy. No wonder the headache and the joints pain. I am always very healthy, so for me this is weird (headache and joints pain). I hope this contributes to you. By the way I am also taking FG and SP 3 times a day, I take about 3000 mgs FG per day and 1800 SP a day (540 mg tablets, morning, lunch and evening).<br />
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Maybe it is the mix of the three that gave me the headache and joint pain. Keep us posted on your progress.<br />
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Are you still on it? What has been your expereince since August? I haven't tried black cohosh, have thought about it though.