A Mirror Meditation...

Through The Looking Glass

Many faces of my incarnations
Stream in montage on gazed glass
Many faces, all seeming familiar
Testify many links to the past

On mirror I focus my vision
Illusion gazes right back through me
It becomes clear that I'm more than the one
You see when you think you see me.

We all face a struggle to quite comprehend
Subjective reality,
Or just how compelling it is to explore
Into that so much harder to see.

The body, a shining soul vessel
One of so many endured
Each life a new education
A drama to which we're allured.

Veiled are the many so mired in doubt….
Declaring this riddles and dreams,
One heart is suggesting sincerely
Our reality's more than it seems.

lorigurl89 lorigurl89
51-55, T
Apr 20, 2011