It's About Time...

I have lived "lives" that followed a specific belief system and now I have decided to develop my own philosophy on life.

I believe in being true to myself and living honestly and freely; being me and enjoying it. Life is brief and we must do and be all that we want while there is still time.

My philosophy centers on the human heart and mind and their synergy and relationship. 
  • The human heart and emotions are powerful.  I am very much a "heart person". We need to harness and use this wonderful aspect of ourselves FREELY. Embrace the fun and silly, crazy and sad aspects of our personality and learn to like ourselves and how we express ourselves to others. Learn what things bring us joy and go for them with all of our energies. I believe that we are very sensate and sensuous beings; receiving information and pleasure from everything that we experience. We deserve to accept how we feel and determine if we want to express those feelings. We are wonderfully unique and deserve to be "all that we can be" while accepting others without judgement as they are. We do not have to agree with others' expressions of life; just be honest with ourselves and express ourselves truthfully. 
  • The human mind is a most wonderful thing. Seek and KNOW why we think as we do; why we value the things we do and why we want the things that we do. KNOW ourselves; love and accept ourselves and mature in knowledge and wisdom as we get older. We are responsible for ourselves; no one else is. Develop your mind and train it to think logically. Desire wisdom and truth in all things and do not lie to yourself about anything. Be open to learning new things.THINK and keep thinking. Don't allow yourself to accept others' thoughts for your life without careful scrutiny. Let your heart and mind converse regularly. Talk to yourself positively. Be expressive and creative; out of our minds come ideas that can not only change our world but the world as others may see and experience it also.
In relationship with others; treat them as you would like to be treated. Love them as you would like to be loved. Respect them as you would like to be respected. Enjoy them as you do your own thoughts and feelings. Enjoy life and everything in it. When in doubt, don't. Live and let live.

Live much, Laugh often and Love deeply!

The bottom line of my philosophy is: To thine own self be true!
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

I am 18 years old. Thats what i grew up on. I am writing my own philsophy too. If people were as strong and smart as you then maybe we wouldnt have sucha ****** up world.

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Great story, it's that simple too. Thank you for sharing this... too cool!