I Want Anger

I want to be angry. I want to seethe with rage, I want to burn with it, white hot and furious. I want it to build and fill this vessel with it's boundless energy and purpose. I want my walls of self control to creak and groan under the strain. Feel my fists clench and muscles strain to hold still. To feel my jaw set and teeth grind to hold back the words.

I want it all because at this very moment, balanced on the razors edge between holding firm and lashing out, you are filled with the most potential you will ever have. Anger is a force of pure change. A desire to alter circumstances to better yourself. Be it a primal desire to knock some jerk in the mouth so he'll stop talking, to feeling defeat and a desire to best the competition or witnessing an injustice. These are all examples where we feel the anger well up in us.

We are taught to fear and loath these sensations.

This is flatly wrong.

Anger is a tool. A means to an end. A tool misused or misdirected always has the potential to cause harm. However, this is not representative of it's nature. Even destruction can be used to clear the way for a better creation. It can be the impetus to speak, to work, to perform acts outside the normal bounds of your own conventions. This shattering of boundaries is what opens you up to the myriad of possibilities contained withing yourself. A chance to change what you had not always thought you could.

All we need to do is cease being so afraid of it. Embrace anger and become master of it. So long as you control it, you can direct it's flow to do things you never thought possible.
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7 Responses May 22, 2012

I have ben in over a thousand fights and experianced ANGER in only 2.

intresting point of view...

Ok so anger we hurt ourselves and others . But we could also use it a little different like running after the one we love . Kissing someone you love really hard being attacked by the one you want theow her on the bed all that sexy romantic crap us girls want men to do.

Anger is only effective if you use something positive as an outlet otherwise you'll be doing nothing but wreaking havoc and destruction and I'm sure that isn't your true intention. Perhaps draw your anger through art? Show the world what angry art can do! Hahaha imagine the look of flabbergast and shock, even a hint of fear. ;-)

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i totally agree! as long as we do not confuse anger with aggression and violence or ferocity. anger is a very pure feeling, often arising from feeling hurt. less often from feeling frustrated. ferocity, anger and aggression are perversions of the ex<x>pression of anger... and turn a positive, creative force into a destructive force. with my respect, from robbie

I don't think anger is the force of change. I think it is something like ferocity. The natural urge to change things. But once you assume it with anger you have a problem. I can excitied and have the urge to pop someone in the mouth without being angry. it is just means to a end but not the state of change.

Anger combouts fear and great sorrow. When the good man finially has enough and gets angry onough to do something about it good things happen for those who are hurt. We have to stop surpressing this emotion and learn to deal and use it properly.<br />
Awesome story well written thank you

every emotion can be a tool when u find the proper balance

That is so true. To hide emotion can make all the difference in ones survival. Negative feelings are real they must be respected.