About Science, Spooks and the supernatural

Look at it like this. In the very beginning of human conscious, all energies seemed supernatural. Whether it rained or a volcano erupted, it was seen as supernatural entities controlling things. The reason, I think, is because nobody recognized nor understood these energies (I think “recognize” is more accurate than “discover” because it’s not like they were hiding away or existed only at the bottom of the ocean or deep in the jungle, but I’ll use discover). Then people started getting more clever and discovering energies. We began to discover gravity, , potential energy, kinetic energy and all the other energies out there (or in here). The more energies we began to recognize, the less supernatural the world became. The volcano, it seems, did not erupt because some God is angry at us. There were laws behind the activity which we had become awakened to. So we find and name all the various energies, and Newton comes along and puts them in a nutshell for us. This was enough, and still seems to be enough, to make the majority of us believe we understand everything, or at least we don’t need to be worried that there might be something spooky or supernatural about this world.
This is my point I’m trying to make though; all these energies were not recognized in a day. They were slowly recognized over a very long period of time. So at any given point in time, the greatest scientific minds and geniuses were not recognizing energies that existed in front of their eyes. My question to scientists is, do you think there are any, or maybe many energies that will still only be recognized in the future? Or have we got all of them down on paper but just don’t understand how they work yet? Or am I just stoned (serious Q this)?
Because when quantum physics came along, it became obvious not everything obeyed Newtons laws of energy. Now, if things aren’t obeying Newtons laws, coupled with the fact that we know we didn’t recognize all energies in a single day, don’t you think there is a high probability there are many energies we haven’t recognized yet? Maybe that’s why we don’t understand what’s going on, on a quantum level, and why Einstein called it “spooky”. Remember, from the beginning, if people start talking “ghosts”, they probably don’t understand the energy behind what makes it happen, no matter how genius he is. I think maybe that if Einstein calls something spooky, then there is an energy we haven’t got down on paper yet. I think that the guy that identifies new energy, or perhaps a few energies, and is able to explain it as clearly as Newton was able to explain energies at his point in time, he will be the next Einstein or much more in history.

Good luck to him!
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I think if science keeps evolving as well as human consciousness along side of it, because the human soul (creative principle) determines the whole spectrum of the application of science, then eventually science itself will evolve into what i call "high science" and become almost completely indistinguishable from the mysticism of many religions. We will come full circle one day, in other words. Quantum theory is so vast in potential that almost anything is possible. In my opinion.

I agree.