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What's happening at the centre of a rotating object?

For any object to rotate it needs to follow two rules.

1. a centre point to rotate around and

2. one side of the object must move in the opposite direction to the other side of the object.

If you look at my rotating drill bit from the top view, you can see that point B must move down while point A moves up, if it’s rotating clockwise. But what’s happening at the true centre of the drill bit? The centre point breaks both rules.  1. It can’t have a centre point to rotate around because it is the centre point, but it must be rotating because we can clearly see the whole drill bit is rotating and the centre point is a part of it. 2. if it were a single point in the centre rotating, the single point would need to be moving in two directions at the same time.

This problem needs to be answered. I'm going to answer it sometime, but in the mean time if you've got any ideas let me know.
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What you like to see an interesting meditation? If you have an email you don't mind sharing PM me and I'll send you a copy of it.

Either the center lies outside of the known visible universe in a singularity or perhaps this entire universe is an illusion that is rotating around the drill bit while it sits still. heh

No, I think every tiny particle is like a membrane that is wrapped around anti-matter. I'll try and tell you the way I see it sometime, just for fun. I don't know anything about this either but I make it up as I go. And I'll do that till someone shows me wrong. But I can't speak in maths like scientists do, just philosophicaly. I'm going to come to a point, I think, where I'll meet you half way in the metaphoric world. But as I say, I'm just making it up as I go for fun. Thinking is fun sometimes, just not too much of it

Yea I have imagined the fourth dimension being the next dimension up from this one and it holds the "patterning" of this universe in it kinda like sticky tape on a cosmic scale. Because in the video the physicists talk about how in the beginning the whole universe was smaller. I mean... The WHOLE universe was smaller. Like as in... energy unfolded like WHAM and it banged and then the energy didn't race across the universe... the universe raced outward across... nothing (that nothing HAS to be some "thing" else though). But at first the universe was expanding and there this kind of dark matter sticky tape all around it in another dimension. Picture it like this... You have a medium sized balloon which is the 4th dimension made out of dark matter. The universe BANGS and shazam now a smaller balloon is born inside the medium one and starts expanding really FAST. Eventually the smaller balloon reaches the size of the bigger balloon but rather than stopping the medium balloon STICKS to the smaller one and starts expanding with it into a larger (5th dimensional) balloon, because if the third dimension can expand or move the substance of the 4th dimension then they must be moving over a 5th dimension. Lmao, at least thats how I see it in my head.

I think perhaps sometimes that dark matter is a kind of cohesive scaffolding that uses magnetic fields to keep the third dimension held together and not floating apart into space.

When I can figure out how to draw a simple diagram of a wave and stuff in Paint or in some Microsoft presentation thing I'll expand on this. That might take forever. I need to draw a diagram to help explain my ideas. Best I can do at the moment is a rough free style scribble in paint which doesn't have such a good effect.

Google pictures that are close and work with them if you can, thats what i do.

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