To Fear Silence...

Is often to fear truth. When we are left with only the sound of our thoughts, we must face a mirror many of us refuse to. To understand the own workings of our soul, whether it is wicked or weak, can render us mute. Bravery is not complying with the conformity of this world, but that of embracing your own company without fear of knowing it.

Ayleena Ayleena
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How much of what we write(say) can really tell what we mean. in your words, i saw what can not be said. thank you.

Well said.

Very Nice Suzzzy!

I love the way you think. Here is something I wrote about truth.<br />
<br />
Snow White makes the ultimate journey <br />
<br />
Well I took a big bite of the poisoned apple and am feeling myself slipping away. My intellect and ego love the taste of this apple but the poison is making the walls of this virtual reality close in on me and only a pin hole of light remains at the end of the tunnel I find myself in. That pin hole of light is the real world which I am finding myself shot into.<br />
I find myself falling in this tunnel toward the light like Alice falling in the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. I'm experiencing the sensation of falling with no bottom in sight. The ego and the intellect scream and conjour up images of death but the real me keeps on falling. Finally at some point God will reach out his hand to catch me and turn the lie I can't live with into truth.<br />
Until that time I leave behind this empty shell until the kiss of truth brings me back.<br />
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Thanks for the add

if only everybody would learn to think for themselves!

*nods* :-)

i love this