Linear Time Does Not Exist In Eternity

I've come to realize in the past year how time truly is one being. There is only one time: now, and the past and present are reflections of now. Just as we have inevitably come to the crossroads we are at-through the many choices made by our nature-we can expect a future by the choices made and yet to come.

As expressed by Drena earlier, we may view time as a tree-one with many different branches and paths...all leading to the sky, whatever that may be to an individual.

We have all been born and will always have been born....we have died as we will die and will live as we live now. Time is a figmentation created by man, just as the clock and the separate hours in which night turns to day. It co-exists. 

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Interesting. The Russian philosopher Nicolas Berdyaev wrote a great deal about this subject... Essentially that there is the present - the past does not exist in an ontological sense but is retained in the present through memory... likewise the future is potentiality, but it is the "not yet". The now is what we have, the bow of a ship cutting through the sea of time.

great post! Time is both my friend and foe. I veiw it in terms of a set of train tracks. The train is now and if you look behind the train you can see the past trailing off into the distance and if you are at the front of the train you may glimpse the future nearing. The train itself is NOW/ the present. We are only ever in the present and can choose to look at the past or the future, but when we do it we are doing it in the now. Time may indeed act differently in other universes

Time is just the reformation of matter.

There are supposed to be 11 dimensions.<br />
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Doesn't It appear that present time only exists for a split second if time is always in motion. Leaving us with the future always just ahead of us, and a life long past behind us that follows us to our death! Virtually leaving our past as the majority of our time here on earth?

TIME - the duality in the multiplicity of unity...all is NOW

This post, reminds me ALOT of the book i had to read for an english class, Slaughter House-Five.<br />
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It's a different use I know, but they had a mention of a Fourth Dimension. Saying that you are everywhere at once and not at once. You exist in the Past, Present, and Future. And that the Fourth Dimension cannot be seen my Man.<br />
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Been a while since I've read the book too... But the whole dimension thing in it was interesting.