A Questioning Of Religions

The interesting dilemma of an all-powerful deity is that of giving a deity mortal feelings such as anger and vengeance...I believe our weaknesses lie in these childish emotions. Thus, it perplexes me as to why some religions praise what is essentially a powerful but very mortal being...

If we have been blessed with life why spend it in servitude and fear to and end we do not know? If any deity does exist, would he/she/it not be aware of having created a free-thinking, imperfect creature?

If this deity were all knowing and all powerful, then surely they would be aware of our imperfections and, perhaps, even prefer them in having created us in this way....right?

Before anyone believes this as my denouncing the existence of God, please consider this as merely the pondering of a young mind who seeks opinion. I do not necessarily discredit the ageless question of a higher being, only try to separate and analyze.

Personally, the idea is no longer that of great concern...I believe that whatever is, is. No matter what conclusion I form I could not bring myself to change, knowing I was created as I am....and in the end I will face that phase in existence known as "dying" without fear, god or no.

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Beauty is in the eye of your beholder

when its come to debating about the existence of God first we have to know where does this very nature and world derive. there is a lot of signs tht can be seen when we open our heart,mind and reflect it with a daily life,how its being function to the society ,the very small atoms tht form our body,the other half side of moon which never exist as far as i know etc. and yes reflect is a key word but yet many ppl refused or unable to use their sense to dig out the truth.either they are lost in the pursuit of material world or very busy defending the humanism they hold true until cannot see how does the religion very much intertwined with humanity in many areas. <br />
faith is a gift in itself.whoever tht have find the truth will really want to keep it hold it tight as much as they can.whether its their culture or social upbringing tht lead them to the faith its not important but how they used the faith in a sense it can improving themselves and develop them to be a good human being.of course human is not perfect and they are created to be tht way so thus there is the concept of forgiveness.<br />
religion is not something tht u put in a coat and practising it.it is something tht u really embraced it to a degree u know ur God and feel the presence of HIm anywhere u go. <br />
wht appeal to me is relationship tht one have with one god its individually between me and Him its something tht i hve been raised with and tht philosophy by my parents tht i didnt need a priest or rabbi or someone else to control or guidance tht i can seek guidance on my own.<br />
im not a very religious man nor extremist one.im sorry if mybe in many ways my comment have been digress and tht should not be this way but i haveafaith god is indeed exist.

Dreamcast, I believe that "God" really should be used to describe existence as a whole, and not separating it as a being..And I love your quote amibivilent.

"Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier" Charles Kettering

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These are the kinds of questions that plague my mind whenever the subject of religion arises. It makes me want to grab a gun when people try to defend that kind of thinking!